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About us

Dagonet, s.r.o. offers advertising and production services, conducts the realisation of the products of the marketing mix and cooperates with a number of advertising and trade fair agencies.

We provide a wide range of possibilities and arrange a variety of specialised services. We will impress you with our friendly approach and inventive spirit, creativity, reliability and adaptability.

We expand our amount of services not only through investments, but also by constantly looking for new forms of cooperation. We respect the vision that creative thinking is an ability to unite two seemingly unrelated things and form them into something extraordinary...

„I've begun working in this industry in the year 1990“, says Mr. Roman Jirásek, the owner and director of our company, „in the state-owned company called ČTK – Made in... Publicity, succeeded by MIP Praha, s.r.o. and later by M.I.P. Group, a.s.. I've served in several senior management positions over the years until my withdrawal in 2009 and so I've experienced nearly 20 years of colorful professional life with advertising, exhibitions and production. I would like to make use of my experience and knowledge in Dagonet, because this activity still entertains me.“


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